About Mediability Group

The Mediability Group is a Scandinavian provider of products, solutions and support for the broadcast and media industry. We offer the very latest in technology, consulting and services.

Mediability was founded in the summer of 2016, when three of Scandinavia's best providers of media production solutions were collected in one group. The Group's turnover is just under 300 million NOK and operates with companies in all three Scandinavian countries. The group was established through the merge of Scandinavian AVIT-Systems, Video 4 and Mediateket. Headquartered in Bergen and from September 2017 we move into the future-oriented office and becomes part of Media City Bergen.

About majority owener Atlantis Vest

The majority owner of Mediability, Atlantis Vest, is the investment company of the Rieber family. Atlantis Vest has a long industrial basis and currently has three business areas. The major business area ahead is Direct Investments, where Mediability is one of eight portfolio companies at the time beeing. Within Direct Investments Atlantis Vest makes majority investments in companies that have a size in the range of 75 to 750 million within various interesting industries.

For more information see www.atlantisvest.no

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